About Yosemite Sierra Fly Fishing

Peter Thompson is the owner/operator of Yosemite Sierra Fly Fishing. Peter has been exploring California's water sheds since a young age.  His easy going attitude and fun personality makes him a great fishing partner and teacher.  He has had his hands in all fishing styles from catching lake trout on a worm with his father, to halibut fishing from a kayak in his hometown of Santa Cruz, to swinging flies for steelhead and salmon in Northern California and Southern Oregon.  In more recent years, his passion has been locked in on fly fishing.  His vast knowledge makes him an expert at locating trout, understanding their behavior, and knowing the fly fishing technique that is most beneficial for the situation. 

Tom Knoth is the former owner of Yosemite Sierra Fly Fishing and has more than 40 years of fly fishing experience, and numerous years searching out the best waters in Yosemite Park and the Sierra Nevada; perfecting the techniques that will give you the most success in fishing these unique waters. Tom is a great casting instructor and particularly enjoys working with beginners.

Tom Knoth releasing a Rock Creek Lake rainbow

Different waters require different approaches and different flies. Our guides will dramatically shorten the learning curve for you, instruct you on "reading the water", teach you why one method of fly fishing is better than others for the particular water that you are fishing, and educate you on the entomology (insect life) of the same water.

You will learn how to identify particular hatches, what type of fly to use, and when to use it for various stages of the insect's life cycle. We will transform you into a "trout chef", educating you on feeding them what they want, when they want it, and with the right presentation.

You'll recieve a solid foundation in fly fishing, starting with selection of proper rod, reel, line, leader and tippet choice for your target species. Beginners will also learn all of the best knots for rigging your gear from reel to fly.

We are also huge opportunists of warmwater fishing for bass, crappie, and bluegill; all of which offer great fishing opportunities in the spring, summer, and fall. These gamefish pose numerous other fly fishing technique challenges, and we welcome the opportunity to teach you these as well.

When guided by Yosemite Sierra Fly Fishing, beginners and experienced fly fishers will leave with a better understanding of fly fishing. You will have a great experience and fish water that you have never fished before, in one of the most scenic and beautiful parts of the world. Above all, you'll have great opportunities to catch fish. Give us a call so we can begin planning your adventure!

To plan or book your guided trip, or for more information, please contact Peter Thompson at (831) 345-8203 or email Peter: peter@yosemitesierraflyfishing.com.