Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use Yosemite Sierra Fly Fishing?

Unlike most other local guide services, we are also "outfitters". That means that when you fish with us, we provide all equipment at no extra cost, and just as importantly, that we provide wading gear.

Most other local guides will only fish you from the bank. We want you to have the full experience - fishing in the water in waders, offering you many more opportunities to work fish that bank fisherman will not be able to fish to, for much better fish catching results.

Another distinction of our guide service is that we are permitted to fish the most productive fishing areas in the vicinity of Yosemite National Park, including Stanislaus National Forest, which gives our clients access to areas that offer better fishing and less pressure from other anglers.

I'm a beginner; is that an issue?

Absolutely not; the majority of our clients are beginners and we love working with them. It is not at all uncommon that the "beginner" outfishes the intermediate fisherman on our trips.

Will my children be able to learn fly fishing?

We find that most children above age 10 almost always pick up fly fishing quite easily and often times outfish their parents. Lets face it... they have better reflexes than us older folks, and that is a big advantage for successful fly fishing. Also, a great thing about fly fishing is that it is such an interactive sport and it usually holds the interest of children.

What type of fishing will we be doing and where will we fish?

Most of our clients are interested in stream fishing for trout and we typically guide on one of the forks of the Tuolumne River in or near the North side of Yosemite National Park. These streams offer opportunites for rainbow, brown and brook trout. The trout in these areas are typically larger than those caught within the park.

We also offer fly fishing trips for trout in alpine lakes and creeks in Yosemite Park. Most of these trips will incorporate a hike of 1-3 miles to access the fishing location and will be limited to Summer and early Fall. In the Spring, we offer float tube fishing trips for Largemouth Bass.

Do I need to do a lot of hiking to get where we will be fishing?

This is up to you. Unlike many other local guides, we are permitted to guide in forestland just outside of the Park, and there are many locations where we can drive right up to great fishing with no hiking neccesary. This is convenient for families with children, clients who may be physically limited in their ability to hike, or those that are just looking for a relaxing day of fishing.

If you are in good health and like to hike, we can take you to beautiful alpine lakes within the Park, or make your trip a more scenic adventure on back country stream water.

Our preferential access to forestland outside of Yosemite Park makes us the top choice for fishing away from others and seeing pristine settings.

Is there an extra charge if I bring someone else that does not fish?

No, we do not charge for this.

Can I order lunch if I am doing a half day trip?

Our lunches (inclusive for "full day trips") are very popular and have received gracious compliments from our clients on Tripadvisor. Half day trip clients and/or guests who are not fishing may order lunch at a price of $15 per person, if desired.


To plan or book your guided trip, or for more information, please contact Peter Thompson at (831) 345-8203 or email Peter: