Beginner Instruction

You might be surprised to learn that 85% of our Yosemite Fly Fishing clients have never picked up a fly rod before they met us, and we take great pride in the numerous anglers that we have successfully initiated into this wonderful sport.Yosemite fly fishing - South Fork Tuolumne River, Tthe Kramers

There are many benefits in having expert fly fishing instruction, whether getting into the sport yourself or introducing a friend, spouse, or child to fly fishing.

Bad habits can be prevented, the frustration of untangling and rigging is avoided, and it is always more fun for beginners when they have had many opportunities to learn and to hook some trout through the expertise of an experienced guide.

A guided trip is the quickest way to minimize the learning curve for beginner anglers, learning the fundamentals of a flycasting stroke, the basics of reading water, hatches, fly selection, rigging of equipment, and the essential techniques to properly fight, land, and safely release fish. Our goal is to make you prepared to fish on your own.

Tuolumne River, McSherry BrothersWhether you are fly fishing for the first time or just looking to brush up on your mechanics and knowlegde, our guides will get you going in the right direction.

All of our fly fishing lessons are conducted on the water with an experienced and patient guide. Location depends on where the fishing is best. Even though the emphasis is on learning, our primary goal is to get you into some fish!

We welcome children and find that they pick up fly fishing very well, oftentimes outfishing their parents. We provide fly fishing rods with smaller grips designed for children.

We also frequently guide couples, and guys be warned... the ladies often outfish the men.

Cost for lessons and instructional days is identical to our guided trips rates.

Yosemite Sierra Fly Fishing

To plan or book your guided trip, or for more information, please contact Peter Thompson at (831) 345-8203 or email Peter: